FAQ About CH Cooperative

1. Is CH Cooperative A Ponzi Scheme?


www.chcooperative.com is not a Ponzi scheme neither is it a get rich quick scheme or a HYIP. It is a cooperative society owned by www.ceoshub.com both projects which are legally registered with the cooperative society and department of cooperative society, Kaduna State Government. It has been in operations since February 2016 and has just been automated for better operations.

2. How Much is the Registration Fees?


The registration fee is N5000 which gives you access to membership privileges in our cooperative society. The registration fee is non refundable.

3. What Other Payments Do I need to make?


After paying the registration fees, you have to decide how much you will save monthly with us. Your savings determine your loan potential. Then as a member, you are expected to pay a monthly dues charge of N500 only.

4. What Do I Get For Telling People About CH Cooperative?


You get paid 10% of their registration fees, But that happens only if you are a registered member. Because you will have a referral link that automatically notifies the system they’re from you.

5. How Do You Give Loans To People You Don’t See?


It will interest you to know that CEOS HUB is in 27 countries and in major parts of Nigeria. Before a member’s loan request can be granted, the cooperative will ask people to verify every bit of information you provide on your profile.(KYC). There is also a monitoring team which will ensure that your purpose for loan application is genuine. We will also work with Debt Management Offices to track every member.

You are to pay all your dues and savings up to date before you can be qualified to apply for a loan.

6. Will I get My Savings Whenever I Need It?

Unlike a bank when you are allowed to eat up your savings, we do not encourage such. This is because your savings will be part of what will be used as loan facility for members.

You can only withdraw your entire savings when you want to withdraw from the cooperative.

we will update this post as more questions are asked….

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