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Africa’s First Digitized Cooperative Society…According to the World Bank, there are around 1.7 billion unbanked adults in the world. The major reason for this astounding number is lack of awareness, access, convenience, steady income, and trust.

Trust is a huge factor as it keeps people unbanked even if they have access to banking facilities. All the major factors mentioned above along with the lack of trust in mainstream banking have given birth to some innovative and novel alternatives to banking which the CH Cooperative is one.

We’ve been supporting people in rural communities in the aspect on financial inclusion.

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4 Savings Mistakes You Probably Don’t Even Realize You’re Making!

You can’t afford to make these errors during uncertain economic times. Today, the world is facing an unprecedented economic crisis as the response to a novel coronavirus has left much of the countries closed down. Sadly, far too many people are facing this crisis without enough savings. But if you’re not yet in financial crisis, it’s time […]

Join the CH ADACHE….

The CH ADACHE is a unique product of CH Cooperative. It is a thrift system which is meant to help startups raise fund to finance their business ideas. What differentiates CH ADACHE from other thrifts is the security, reliability and ease of operation. The Following is The Process For The CH Adache: The CH Adache […]

FAQ About CH Cooperative

1. Is CH Cooperative A Ponzi Scheme? Answer: is not a Ponzi scheme neither is it a get rich quick scheme or a HYIP. It is a cooperative society owned by both projects which are legally registered with the cooperative society and department of cooperative society, Kaduna State Government. It has been in […]

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