Why Should You Be A CH Cooperator?

January 16, 2018 Dada-Stephen No comments exist

CH Cooperative was established to help young startups and wannabe entrepreneurs for the purpose of easy access to funds. Over the years, we discovered that one of the greatest challenge of enterprise development in Nigeria and Africa at large is startup/expansion capital.

CH Cooperative which was established in 2016 has the following to offer members:

  • Access to Loan Facilities: This is a guarantee for every member of our cooperative society. You will have access to micro credits that can help you kick-start that small business of yours. We give out loan amounts within the ranges of N 5,000 to N 10,000,000 without stringent conditions.
  • Get Paid Monthly: As a member of CH Cooperative, you get paid for every referral you make. Meaning that you will be paid monthly for every member you introduce to the cooperative. With this initiative, you can never run out of cash or go broke.
  • Grant Opportunities: Cooperative Societies usually have access to grants and funds from funding organisations, government agencies and international organisations because of their network of business cooperators. Active cooperators have access to these grants to fund their businesses. Grants are not refunded like loans, so members who receive grants are not expected to pay back.
  • Cheap Commodities: As a cooperative society, we will invest in purchase of products, goods and services in wholesale prices so they can be sold to members at prices which are way cheaper than the market prices. Commodities will include livestock, food items, beverages, electronics and perishables.
  • Undergraduate Loans/Scholarships: Every CH Cooperative member is entitled to undergraduate loans or scholarship opportunities for themselves (student members) or their children who are undergraduates.
  • Investment Opportunities: As a cooperator you have the opportunity to not just save but also invest. The proceeds of these investments are shared among cooperators according to their share units at the close of business year during the AGMM. The advantage of investing with the cooperative is that your money is not lost.
  • Own A Property: One of the key investments of the CH Cooperative is real estates and as a member, you have the opportunity of owning one with flexible payment options and plans.
  • Develop Your Leadership Abilities: Democracy is one of the attributes of a cooperative society. An active cooperator is eligible to vote and be voted for as an official and executive member of the cooperative for a stipulated period of time. This will help you develop management skills.

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